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Variable, Speed, and Lane Control Signs

The products have been designed to convey important public messages, speed limits and control the traffic in all lanes. These aid in smoother traffic on highways and roads in cities.

Variable Message Signs

Signs that notify about weather conditions, emergencies, and destinations. The LED signs are monochromatic as well as poly-chromatic. Timings can be set for messages and it has good memory capacity for storing multiple messages. Automatic brightness controller is an in-built feature of variable message signs.

Speed Signs

Displays speed limits for the given highway. Speed limit sign draws power from mains and solar power. It comprises of light-sensitive dimming and radar-activated speed detection.

Lane Control Signals

Lane control signs inform the drivers about active lanes and minimize traffic congestion. These highway signs improve monitoring of lanes. They help in traffic safety by slowing vehicles down. The signals are highly reliable.

Variable message signs, speed signs, and lane control signs perform together to get traffic data and exercise control over the traffic to make travel smoother and safer.

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