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Adaptive Traffic Control System

Masstrans brings adaptive traffic control system to facilitate smoother travels and safe roads. The system adapts itself to changing traffic conditions by adjusting traffic signal lights. Traffic is measured and/or predicted and timings for red light are implemented accordingly. These smart city traffic lights enable online monitoring, status control and failure management. The system is guided with centralized monitoring and control.

Smart Features

  • Adaptive system with model based traffic program on a local scale.
  • Enabled with model based traffic optimization.
  • Generic algorithms help with traffic prediction.
  • System supports OCIT interface.
  • Runs quality analysis for traffic control system.
  • Traffic data collection, fusion and evaluation.
  • System allows a series of controllers to be connected at traffic management center.
  • Inter-connectivity of controllers is done by several protocols.
  • Includes functions like online monitoring, status control and failure management.

Public transport references can be used for Adaptive Traffic Control System. There can also be pre-set routes for emergency vehicles. This smart system is best fit for urban roads.

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