Traffic Management (Urban) Solutions

Adaptive Traffic Control System

Enabling traffic signals adapt to actual traffic demand, adaptive traffic control system by MassTrans is an intelligent transportation system delivering smart traffic light control systems, customized for a particular traffic situation within a particular city. This is used with the real time information to synchronize the traffic signals according to the traffic scenario.

Intelligent adaptive traffic control includes on-line monitoring, status control and failure management. This system allows a complete adaptive control and traffic flow optimization along with a centralized monitoring and control. System allows for a use of public transport preference and pre-set routes for emergency vehicles.

Key Features

  • Model-based local traffic signal program and adaptive traffic network control
  • Model-based traffic optimization and traffic state prediction using genetic algorithm
  • Supports OCIT interface
  • Quality analysis for traffic control systems and public transport prioritization
  • Traffic date collection, fusion and evaluation.
  • Connectivity via several protocols.
  • Upto 1500 controllers (Intersections) can be connected in the traffic management center.

ANPR / RLVD Camera

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) cameras as the name suggests, are high resolution intelligent cameras installed at traffic points, and at major squares throughout the city to help detect number plates of cars, average speed and red light violations. These help in sending radar based information back to the control centre that issues an automatic challan, in case of traffic rules violation and blacklisting of cars. ANPR / RLVD Cameras by MassTrans offer quick and easy integration and 100% reliability.

Key Highlights

  • Average and Instant speed Detection.
  • Red Light violation detection.
  • Wrong way detection.
  • Black listed information of vehicles.
  • Vehicle count and classification.

Trailer Mounted Portable VMS / VMD

MassTrans offers its very versatile Trailer mounted Portable VMS (Variable Message Sign). Using our expertise in delivery of LED technology combined with the ability to advise/alter the message via telephone or GPS, this product provides a flexible and efficient mobile advisory system. They are electronic and intelligent display panels for road traffic management. VMD (Variable Message Displays) by MassTrans are programmable displays that display messages composed of letters, symbols or both. The information is most often displayed in real-time and can be controlled either from remote centralized location or locally at the site.

Key Features

  • This system could be used in emergency situations (for example: floods, landslides, road accidents) or to advise of roadworks, upcoming traffic issues, variable speed advice or weather alerts.
  • The power supply can be sourced from a motor generator or through a storage battery and photovoltaic panels.
  • The solar system is environmentally friendly and suitable for central city use, as it operates silently.

Speed Control Signs

Radar speed signs by MassTrans is an interactive sign, constructed of a series of LEDs, that displays vehicle speed as the motorists approach. The purpose of radar speed signs is to slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving at speeds above the posted limits. These are highly effective at reducing traffic speeds.

Key Highlights

  • Radar activated speed detection.
  • Light sensitive dimming.
  • Solar / mains power options.
  • Internal radar.