Smart Parking Solutions

Parking Payment App - (Mass Park)

One of the simplest and easiest ways to pay your parking charges - MassPark - parking payment App!. It is the most convenient way to pay for your parking, one touch and you have paid your parking charges. Simply download our MassPark app and you are ready to park.

Key Highlights

  • No more searching for change.
  • Simple and quick registration.
  • Extend your parking remotely.
  • On the spot Account Management.
  • Activate parking session for a car with different vehicle registration plate (Quickly change the vehicle registration plate if you’re using a different car than the one you have registered)
  • Optional text message reminders before your parking time expires

On Street Parking Mgt & Enforcement System

On Street Parking Management & Enforcement Solution by MassTrans addresses needs of transport, finance, legal, customer services and IT departments whilst also meeting the individual requirements of remote and office-based users within these areas.Choosing the right parking policies and implementing them with the best tools and supports can help a city achieve its goal – whether it is to reduce CO2 emissions, to relieve traffic jams, to create a revenue stream, or any number of other reasons.

Key Highlights

  • Capturing contravention details and regularly transferring data to back-office systems.
  •  User friendly approach
  •  Instant updates on parking permits or temporary enforcement zones
  • Encrypted data assuring high data security

Parking Sensors / Occupancy Detectors

Parking Sensors or Parking Occupancy Detectors monitor outdoor and indoor parking spaces, collects occupancy status for each parking space and provides occupancy information to any parking guidance system which in turn updates the guidance displays. The parking detector & data aggregator system by MassTrans has been developed specifically for outdoor parking lots.

Key Highlights

  • Each detector has ample battery-power built-in for seven or more years of reliable detection and status transmission.
  • Occupancy status updates are sent via built-in radio to a data aggregator- transmitter that is equipped with a GSM modem.

On Street Parking Information Signs

On Street Parking Information Signs are variable electronic information panels providing specific information for use in both indoor and outdoor parking facilities. MassTrans’ range of electronic panels covers applications such as directions, number of free spaces and indication of other parking facilities within a given urban area.

Key Highlights

  • Monochrome or polychromatic (different colours available)
  • Variety of sizes and resolutions available
  • Memory storage capabilities
  • Integration of real time clock, environmental sensors and GPS unit
  • Flexibility of integrating new protocols for connection to management systems
  • Communication: RS485, Ethernet, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, Radio
  • Manual or automatic brightness control based on integrated light sensors.

Off-Street Parking Management System

Off Street Parking Management System by MassTrans offers high functionality, elegantly designed equipment and ease of use, all integrated into a solution enabling reduces traffic congestion at entrance and exit, cuts down cash collection and machine maintenance, increases revenue, reduces capital expenditure on equipment and improves compliance.In Off street Parking Management System the entrance and exit of the parking area are equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic machines which maintain overall activity across the parking space including controlled access to parking, vehicle flow, space availability and revenue management.

Key Highlights

  • Ideal software tools for monitoring, safeguarding and increasing the efficiency of car parks at any time.
  • With ASP (Application Service Programming) operators can have their parking space controlled over the internet and operate them via a single server.
  • With LPR license plate recognition system, cameras installed at the car park’s entrance and exit, identify an approaching customer automatically.

Off-Street Parking Guidance System

MassTrans’ Off Street Parking Guidance System (PGS) helps users to locate parking spaces effectively using a system of guided information. When a user enters a parking space, the system automatically guides the vehicle directly to the nearest free space, using informative panels indicating the direction that should be followed.

Key Highlights

  • Off Street Parking Guidance System optimizes the management of empty spaces and minimizes the time that a client invests in finding a free space.
  • Off Street Parking Guidance System uses a series of informative panels, sensors, pilot lights, pass counters and management software.