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Planning and Scheduling Software

Planning and scheduling software is vital for fleet management. These solutions aid in getting information like travel time and date. It gives crews the tools to make changes to services quickly or produce alternative working conditions and timetables for comparison. The aim of the transport planner is to create a highly efficient schedule. This involves combining orders with routes and crew shifts in such a way that total costs are minimized, and all business rules and service constraints satisfied. In today’s world, this is a process far too complex to be done manually.

Smart Features

  • Gives quick overview of the journey, timings, date and other details.
  • System calculates number of drivers required under the conditions
  • Accurate optimization algorithm for system efficiency
  • Statistic module to support your future urban operational plan

Public transport organizations and commercial vehicles can benefit from planning and scheduling software by avoiding chaos, tracking the journey, traffic conditions and more related information. The system creates the tools to optimize resource allocation and utilization on a daily basis, making it a smart product.

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