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Intelligent Transport System

A complex transportation network deserves a simple and sophisticated communication system for the passengers travelling. Designed to aid private and public transport organizations in the railway, metro and bus transport sector, the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) functions to ensure convenience to commuters. The solution includes an onboard coach processing unit, passenger audio announcement unit, GPRS / GSM, video surveillance and GPS based internal and external vehicle displays for passengers. A back-end dashboard and hardware integrated solution ensures an all-round solution for easy transit.

Smart Features

  • It is a single control unit (SCU) with a Bus driver console (BDC)
  • Passenger Information System for easy communication
  • Security features including vehicle location and internal cameras
  • Vehicle tracking and health diagnostics

The Intelligent Transport System serves as a centralized live feed to the vehicle drivers and the central control station to enable a safer transport process. It aids decision making in real time through various analytics sensed and transmitted to the personnel in charge.

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