Intelligent Transport Solutions

* ARAI certified intelligent transport system

LED Destination Display

MassTrans offers a complete range of front, side, and rear daylight viewable LED destination signs for the road and rail segment. The sign system is driven by a dedicated controller which also serves as the driver interface. We offer monochrome, curved, colour route number and full colour signs to cover all customer options.

The signs displays the line number, the current route, start and final stop or other messages that will give passengers precise and clear information. The information displayed is visible both during the day and in the night. The destination boards are made using durable components that are resistant to weather conditions.

The LED destination sign is part of a comprehensive and modular passengers information system. The displays can be connected with a Voice Announcement System and an TFT infotainment system can be used to show next-stop and route progress information.

Size of the board and form of display (permanent or flowing) can be customized as per clients need.

Key Highlights

Front / Rear / Side External LED Signs.

Internal LED Signs.

LED School Bus Signs.

LED Multi-coloured Signs.

 Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is designed for private road transport organizations (public and private RTCs) and the railway sector. The rail segment includes an on-board coach processing unit, digital audio announcement unit, GPRS / GSM, Video surveillance and GPS based PIS. The bus system consists of a backend and a hardware component to provide an integrated solution for the below :

Key Highlights

  • Single Control Unit.
  • Bus Driver Console.
  • Passenger Information System.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location System.
  • Security Camera Network System.
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring and Diagnostics.
  • Vehicle Tracking.
  • Shelter / Station Display Boards.
  • Single Face Display Boards.
  • Double Face Display Boards.

(With similar features, we can provide mini ITS solutions too.)

 Automatic Fare Collection System

An automated fare collection system (AFCS) is one of the basic station equipment that consists of automatic gate machine, ticket vending machine and ticket checking machine.The fare collection system by MassTrans covers a complete range of services for passengers as well as provides full system control. Fare collection is carried out both by common paper tickets or contact less chip cards. Time coupon extending and contact less card recharging can be done either on board or at vending machines. The fare collection system is further connected to the information systems in vehicles, at stations or at dispatch centres. All devices and workplaces relevant to the fare collection system are connected to a central database. Our innovative equipment enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems.

Key Features

  • Online or Offline Functioning
  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capable
  • RFID and NFC based
  • Open Loop and closed Loop transactions
  • Scalable transaction database handles high-sustained transaction rate.
  • Offers low maintenance and high durability.
  • Flexibility with payment methods (credit cards, smart cards, mobile ticketing, QR codes, barcodes, etc..)

Passenger Information Display System

MassTrans’ Public and Passenger Information Displays (PIDS) are variable information signs for Bus Stops, Railway Platforms and Metro Platforms. Based in a multiline high density SMD LED matrix, the information can be presented in various configurations. Our electronic Passenger Information Displays provide real time train and bus arrival and departure information to passengers.

Key Highlights

  • Our LED Bus stop and LED bus shelter displays are available in a wide range of formats and designed with ease of maintenance in mind.
  • All of our displays are designed to withstand constant vibration and are supplied in both water and dust proof housings.
  • The range of railway platform signage includes TFT technology, LCD and LED signage.

On-Board Infotainment System

On board Infotainment system by MassTrans is an all in one entertainment system offered to passengers with useful automated features offering a variety of services like on-board internet, music-on- demand, breaking news updates, current weather forecasts and real-time information about their bus or train, connections and travel routes. This system is extremely convenient to passengers as they utilize their own mobile device that they know inside-out.

Key Highlights 

  • Entertainment & Information
  • Route & Schedule 
  • Services for Passengers
  • Travel Guide
  • Statistics & Analytics
  • Content Management

Planning & Scheduling Software

MassTrans offers a Planning and Scheduling Solution that is developed and maintained as a unique Software Application for Public Transport Organization.

Key Highlights

  • The Vehicle Scheduling - Our user friendly interface allows the user to see all the characteristics of their network directly

    (including time travel according the time of the day…)

  • The Crew Scheduling - When the user knows how many vehicles will be dedicated to any one line, the system calculates the number of drivers required.

    Due to the complete algorithm, our solution will give you an accurate optimization.

  • Rostering module / Resource management / Daily management / Park management / Calendar - To increase efficiency on activity daily basis, our Rostering module includes the management of the user’s people and technical resources. A statistic module will support in your future urban transport operational plan.

Other In-Bus Products

MassTrans offers a range of products that constitute to intelligent transportation which includes -

Key Highlights

  • Interior roof lighting solutions / Bus Interior Lighting
  • Vehicle Tracking Solutions
  • CCTV Camera
  • Mobile DVR
  • Rear Park Assistance System
  • Rear View Camera & TFT Screen
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System