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LED Destination Display

LED Destination Display

MassTrans offers a complete range of front, side, and rear daylight viewable LED destination signs for the road and rail segment. The sign system is driven by a dedicated controller which also serves as the driver interface. We offer monochrome, curved, colour route number and full colour signs to cover all customer options.

The signs displays the line number, the current route, start and final stop or other messages that will give passengers precise and clear information. The information displayed is visible both during the day and in the night. The destination boards are made using durable components that are resistant to weather conditions.

The LED destination sign is part of a comprehensive and modular passengers information system. The displays can be connected with a Voice Announcement System and an TFT infotainment system can be used to show next-stop and route progress information.

Size of the board and form of display (permanent or flowing) can be customized as per clients need.

Key Highlights

Front / Rear / Side External LED Signs.

Internal LED Signs.

LED School Bus Signs.

LED Multi-coloured Signs.